Keep Learning Going over the Half Term

Home Access allows you to set homework for your students to complete outside of school hours and enables you to track their progress.

It’s a perfect way to keep your students entertained and helps combat holiday learning loss. What’s more, students can explore EducationCity themselves so they’re still learning during the holidays.

Here’s some other reasons why we think this feature is great…

  • Targeted Learning: Use MyCity to meet the specific needs of your students by setting work for individual students, groups or classes to do over the holidays – great for personalised study!
  • Track Progress: Track homework with the MyCity tracking tab to see how students get on over the holidays. Here you can see what work has been completed and what hasn’t been completed – a great way to help you identify any students’ area of weakness!
  • Parental Engagement: It’s a brilliant way to encourage parents to get involved in their child’s learning, especially when they can follow their child’s progress at home with MySuccess. Here, students can see their best and latest scores to help them achieve to the best of their ability, and replay content again to improve their score.



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