Learn Your Times Tables with EducationCity

With the news about plans to test Year 6 students on times tables, we thought it’d be a great idea to let you know all about how we can support you in teaching those all-important multiplication facts!

Times Tables Songs

We’ve a full range of fantastic, engaging Times Tables Songs which you can sing along to with your class.

From the 2x to the 12x table, you’ll find that singing along to our times table series is a great way to help students recall and retain those all-important number facts.

If you have full access to EducationCity, all you need to do to check them out is type ‘Times Tables’ in the Search feature and press ‘Enter’ – simple!

Mental Maths Test

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Mental Maths

What’s more, you can even set a customised Mental Maths Test that focusses just on multiplication.

A great way to assess students, and get multiplication practice, a personalised Test means you can make sure your students are learning what you need them to – just type ‘Mental Maths Test’ in the Search feature to get it.

PlayLive Maths

PlayLive Maths

Not only is PlayLive Maths recommended by many teachers worldwide, it’s also perfect for improving those mental maths skills!
PlayLive Maths is a competitive mental mathematics challenge, where students race each other to answer as many questions as they can in 60 seconds. We’d recommend you check it out – it’s too good not to!

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