Learning About Internet Safety in the Classroom

We want to help you promote online safety to your students and tell you a little more about some of the great KS1 and KS2 content we have within our Computing module.  

You can easily find the content mentioned by putting the content ID number into the Search tool.

Let’s explore!



Unknown Attachment: #14195 – Meg has received an email saying it has a free gift attached. Should she open the attachment?


Filters: #20296 – Chip used his phone to record a video of himself in a scooter competition and uploaded it onto a video sharing website. He can access it at home, so why won’t the site load at school?

Staying Safe Online: #20013 – Meg was chatting to her friend on IM when someone that she didn’t know started chatting to her. They asked Meg to send a photo of herself so they could see what she looked like. What should Meg do?

Learn Screens


Cyberbullying: #13434 – Manu has had something nasty said to him online. Listen to Granny’s advice for him.


Communication: #13432 – Manu describes to Sten all of the ways that he communicates online.

Understanding Networks: #19951 – Investigate how the Internet provides services for our everyday use.



Safe Surfing: #13620 – Help Meg and Chip discover how they can stay safe online.


To Connect and Serve: #20071 – Help Meg and Chip to answer questions on Internet services such as FTP, wiki, cloud storage and email.

Consequences: #19725 – Help Meg and Chip to think about the consequences of their actions when using technology.

Packet Up: #20077 – Understand how the Internet works and how webpages are delivered to our screens.

Don’t forget that it’s Safer Internet Day on the 6th February this year. To find out how you and your students can mark this special event, then take a look at the website and see our Free Resource pack on the event too!

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