Learning English as an Additional Language

Children learn at different stages and it’s tricky to predict how quickly they will pick up and use a new language.

Our Learn English module is full of engaging, interactive content needed to develop students’ listening, speaking, reading and communication skills.  Each activity links with a specific area of learning to support subject knowledge and language development, in turn helping to build confidence and self-esteem.

Here are some of our Learn English Activity recommendations for you to try – perfect for helping your students get to grips with the basic language quickly!

Alphabet Song – Recognising letters of the alphabet.    

  • All Regions: Level 1

This activity is perfect for helping introduce the alphabet to your students. Encourage them to sing along to help sound out the letters.

See the Sea – Match objects to their description in a memory game (1 or 2 players.)

  • All Regions: Level 2

Explore different objects and find words that best describe that item. This activity is brilliant for expanding students vocabulary!

Making the Headlines – Use reported speech language to create news headlines from an interview dialogue.

  • All Regions: Level 3

This activity is fab for helping students develop their reading and writing skills, by encouraging them to identify language forms within non-fiction text.

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