Let’s Talk About Phonics…

Phonics aims to boost phonetic understanding from the earliest age and that’s why we wanted to share some of our EYFS and KS1 Activities within the English module with you all.

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Farm Friends: #26077 – Listen to the word and order the sounds in CVC words. This activity can be used as a precursor to reading, allowing children to recognise how words can be broken down in to sounds.

Snowman: # 261 – Match the ‘lower case’ letter with a letter and phonetic sound.

Paint Pots: #12249 – Sounding out CVC Words.

Sparkler: #25558 – Listen to phase 2 high frequency words and tricky words and match these to the written word.



Mitch and Patch: #20643 – Recognise the sound/grapheme and spelling rule for ‘tch’ words.

Clicky Business: #19731 – Identify phonemes for short vowels and consonants.

A Day by the Sea: #1655 – Identify words with long ‘a’ spelled ‘ay’ and words with long ‘e’ spelled ‘ea’.

Introducing You to Our Phonics Presentation

We understand that parents play a key role in teaching their children to read and write, so we’ve created a Phonics Presentation to provide parents with a much-needed insight into phonics, which may be something new to them.

So, Where Can I Get Hold of the Presentation?

You can download the standard Phonics Presentation Pack here and the customisable version here.

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