Life after the New National Curriculum

Here, at EducationCity, we’ve been working hard on producing exciting new resources to meet the new requirements of the National Curriculum. Some new objectives required completely new resources, others required an upgrade to existing resources and, of course, some just needed to be re-mapped to different years. Clearly, we are trying to fill the gaps as soon as we can while still producing resources for our new Computing module.

In English, we’ve produced some great Learn Screens and Activities for upper Key Stage 2. Our ‘Writing Process’ Learn Screens are a good example as they meet the more demanding objectives within the Writing strand. Year 5 and 6 teachers should look out for these. New ‘Writing Process’ Learn Screens will be ‘live’ soon.

We’ve also been very busy producing some engaging Activities for the Computing curriculum, an area that teachers are coming to grips with as the new term gets underway. We’ve tried to make these nice and easy for teachers to use whilst meeting the objectives within the new National Curriculum head on. We are also covering all three strands within the Computing curriculum of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy with a range of Learn Screens, Activities, Topic Tools and ThinkIts. Our new ‘Smart City Software’ Activity tackles the objective of ‘detecting and correcting errors in algorithms and programs’ by using the familiar area of flowcharts. Another Topic Tool worth looking out for is The Binary Topic Tool, which, as its name suggests, covers the area of Binary Code. All will be ‘live’ soon.

Additionally, we’ve been completing the work we started on our Phonics program with some really useful and engaging Activities for earlier years that will appear in our Letters and Sounds caboodle. The new ‘I See Words’ Activity, in Phase 2, works on identififying and reading high frequency words and tricky words. Working with our Phonics specialist consultant has been a really interesting time and we are hopeful of involving her in our BETT stand presentations to give teachers a chance to come and talk to us about additional resources they would like to see on EducationCity.

All  ofthese new resources are, of course, available to our subscribers in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland as well as our International subscribers.

As always, we are really interested to hear from our subscribers and to take on board their feedback and ideas for future development. If you’d like to talk about any issues related to our educational content, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01572 725080 or emailing