LIVE IN SCOTLAND! Brand New Search Feature

Many of our customers have said they want a quicker way to find specific material, especially as we are adding more and more content onto the site all the time.                                 

If you’re just looking for worksheets, or want to browse all of our content to do with colours (but only for French) or NEW search feature is for you!

You can find it in under Teacher Features in the Teacher Area.

The Search feature allows you to browse for relevant material.

It will search:

  • across subjects
  • across year groups
  • across Activities (and their components) and Topic Tools
  • in titles and descriptions
  • by keywords attached to activities

You can filter your search to look for specific content:

  • show subscribed content only
  • from the years you are interested in
  • from the subjects you are interested in
  • by the type of resource e.g. activity, learn screen, worksheet, topic tool, lesson plan

You can click onto a keyword to research using it, find out more about the material by clicking the info button and click the title of the material to open it up.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get along with this new feature, by sending your feedback via the envelope in the top left corner of the search screen!