Live Q&A Session with EdTech Demonstrator School, Pheasey Park Farm Primary School



Sarah Morgan, Assistant Head Teacher, and Louise Eveson, Year 5 Class Teacher, at Pheasey Park Farm Primary School, will be taking you through this Q&A session. Our Education Consultant, Haylie Taylor, who has over ten years of teaching experience, will be joining too and will be asking questions.

What will we cover?

The webinar is about Pheasey Park Farm Primary School who will be sharing their edtech journey and how their teaching and learning has been supported by using EducationCity.

Also, as an EdTech Demonstrator School, the school has specifically been chosen by the Department for Education to support a programme that aims ‘to help schools and colleges access training and advice on remote teaching during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak’.

EducationCity educational learning

The school will be sharing their experiences of this, how they became an EdTech Demonstrator School, and how they are helping other schools with making edtech a success.

We will also cover how edtech has helped with increased parental engagement and distance learning.

When will the webinar take place?

Our Q&A session is taking place on 3rd November at 3:45 pm.

How do I register?

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom, and you can register by signing up here.

I use EducationCity every day – what can I learn?

You will gain valuable insights from this webinar, including specialists’ suggestions on making the product a success, whether used for student growth, better engagement or more targeted learning and teaching. You’ll also hear from other teachers and their experiences and tips for the product.

For instance, Louise Eveson, Year 5 Class Teacher and part of the EdTech Team at Pheasey Park Farm Primary School, shares her ‘top tip’ on how to engage students when getting started:

“Hold an informal introduction session with pupils when they use EducationCity for the first time, taking them on a ‘tour’ of the website and its amazing features. That way, your pupils will feel more empowered to use it in the classroom and at home for independent learning tasks.”

You can learn more about this from Louise during the webinar.

What if I don’t subscribe to EducationCity?

Even if your school does not subscribe to EducationCity, you will be able to hear from an EdTech Demonstrator School. You will also learn more about this program and how it can enhance student growth, support distance learning and education continuity, while also saving you time. Overall, this webinar will be an excellent opportunity to hear from fellow teachers and understand how they have made edtech a success.