London’s New Tourist Attraction

Hi there buddies,

Did you hear that London’s newest tourist attraction, the Shard, opened last week near London Bridge?

At 87 storeys high, it’s huge and dwarfs lots of the surrounding buildings including St. Paul’s. It has an observation deck 243m up, and from here, it is said you can see 40 miles on a clear day!

To celebrate this, we’ve got a TRUE/FALSE puzzle for you.

All you need to do is say which of the facts below about the Shard are TRUE. The answers are all in the introduction.

  1. The Shard has 57 storeys
  2. The Shard stands next to London Bridge station
  3. From the Shard, you get a 40-mile panoramic view of London

Reply to THIS blog, saying which of the statements are TRUE.

The first buddy back with the correct answer will get a special mention next week.