Looking for Lesson Inspiration? We’ve Got You Covered!

There’s a vast range of topics across the subjects taught in class and we wanted to tell you why we think our content is perfect use for whatever you’re teaching in your lesson.

Let’s take you through a few pieces of content we have for the different topics…

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You’ll find lots of content on space across EducationCity. Whether you’re exploring the solar system to identify different planets or even teaching about gravity, we’ve got you covered!

The Solar Stroller Activity can be found within the Science module (KS2) and is perfect for encouraging students to identify the positions of the planets within the Solar System.

Here are a few other pieces of science content relating to space you could try…


Learn Screens

Year 5


Thinking Space: #22407 – Explore key vocabulary used when discussing space.

Solar Spinners: #22319 – Explore the movement of the planets in the solar system, including time to orbit, rotation time and the tilt of their axis.


Are your students exploring their 2 x to 12 x tables? We’ve lots of content to help you teach this area, from great Learn Screens to explore multiplication with students, to awesome ThinkIts to inspire creative ways of thinking about multiplication, as well as super fun Activities and PlayLive! 

Don’t forget to check out the fun, engaging Times Table Songs too – great for recalling those important multiplication facts!

Explore these multiplication resources within the Maths module…


Learn Screens

Year 2

Law & Order – episode II: #22406 – Learn through investigation that multiplication is commutative but division is not.



Year 5

Dancing Robot: #483 – Rapid recall of multiplication and division facts.


Our Computing module is a great way to teach students how to use technology safely and responsibly. The resources help students use computational thinking and understand the use of coding.


Try these within the Computing module…



Year 1

Logging Out: #14207 – Why is it important to log out of a website or computer when you have finished?

Passwords: #14190 – Granny wants to use the password ‘123456’. Is that a good password to use?

Year 2

Finding Information Online: #14192 – Granny keeps getting different information about castles from different websites. How can she make sure the information is accurate?



Year 6

Computational ThinkIng: #19987 – Analyse the code to answer questions about the input and output with multiple choice.

Don’t forget that all of the content can be added to a MyCity, an area where you can easily group content in one place and assign it to students to access in class or at home.

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