Looking for Maths and English Summer Resources?

So, how do you keep students entertained and learning over the holidays? Well, that’s where we can help!

We’ve got two fantastic Summer Resource Packs covering Maths and English, which include a number of handy and engaging resources, which will be a massive help for all teachers and parents wanting to give their students enjoyable, educational activities throughout the break!

Let’s explore the packs in more detail…

Maths Summer Holiday Pack

With the Summer Resource Pack for Maths, there’s 17 Activity Sheets for students to complete throughout the holiday, which are broken down into six weeks of learning and cover topics such as shapes, fractions, number problems, angles, number sequences and so much more!

You can easily download the pack here.

English Summer Holiday Pack

In this pack, you’ll find 12 Activity Sheets for your students to work through, during the holidays. There’s a vast range of topics covered throughout the pack, including grammar, punctuation, pronouns and sentences – perfect!

You can easily download the pack here.

Tip! To find them super quickly, simply click either ‘English’ or ‘Mathematics’ on the right-hand side bar.

Don’t forget! If your school has a Home Access licence, your students can access EducationCity over the holidays too with their own logins! You’ll find some other resources linking to Maths and English in the packs, so why not encourage your students to give them a try?

If you don’t have EducationCity in your school and would like to take a look at the content, then simply start your free trial today by calling +44 (0)1572 725080 or using the form.