Major New Feature Release – Activity Select Screen and Activity Box

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new Activity Select Screen and Activity Box. This new feature has two views, one for the teacher and one for the pupil. This is the result of your feedback to make the screens easier to use and appropriate for both the pupil and the teacher. 

Why the change?

  • You asked for the curriculum map to only appear in teacher view – we’ve done it. This makes the screen more suitable for pupils. Click on ‘Teacher View’ button to see all the new features added in the teacher view.
  • A picture tells a thousand words! Now, activity buttons have pictures on it. This makes the screens easier to use for SEN, EAL and younger year’s pupils.
  • Our new Activity Box provides all the information you need to plan your lessons and discover similar resources to further explore the same objective.

Want to learn more?

For more information including a helpful video and user guide click here.

If you have any feedback, don’t keep it to yourself! Click on the feedback button in the top right hand corner.