Manu under the Microscope

Hey there buddies,

We’ve had a bit of a break, but we’re back again, this time with a profile of our favourite boffin and bookworm, Manu!

Manu is our budding scientist and the real brains of the group. He wants to be one of the great inventors of our time and is always making fantastic contraptions for himself and his friends. Manu just loves books. He spends lots of time locked away reading, planning and dreaming of greatness … and Klara, who he adores. 

He is the quiet one of the group too, but if he can teach someone something, he comes to life. 
Manu spends a lot of his time in his Science lab and at Granny’s house. He likes to join the others on their adventures but will usually spend most of the time worrying about getting into trouble!

He’s everyone’s secret favourite here at Is he yours?