Maths Homework

Hi there buddies,

Hands up if you’ve got maths homework tonight? Stig, Sten, Manu and Klara all have!

But being the kind people they are, they thought they’d bring some light relief to the proceedings… in the form of some maths jokes. What else would help you complete that maths homework?

Here are Sten’s best:-

Teacher 1: A butcher is six feet tall and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh?

Pupil 1: Sausages

Teacher 2: If I cut two apples and three pears each into five pieces, what would I get?

Pupil 2: Fruit salad

Can you do better?

Send us your joke by replying to THIS blog and the sender of the best one will receive a special mention next week! Feel free to comment on the other jokes sent in as it could sway our opinion!