Maths Worksheets Involving Decimals for Key Stage 2

On EducationCity, there is a large number of maths worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) for your teaching and students’ learning of decimals in Key Stage 2.

We’ve put a list together of these worksheets for you below; they’re fantastic for some extra practice on decimals but can also work as a great starter or follow-up activity in lessons.

They’re also all aligned to one of our fantastic Activities under the same name so there’s even more consolidation work to be had.

To find the worksheets, all you need to do is search the ID number of the worksheet below on EducationCity – simple!


Lower Key Stage 2


Year 3Cash Only Maths Worksheet

Cash Only: #5110 – Addition with money using pounds and pence. Click on the numbers to answer.

Space City: #5536 – Use a ruler to measure to the nearest millimetre.


Year 4

Snow Hope: #4838 – Round decimal fractions to the nearest whole number.

Ready, Steady, Bake: #4814 – Recognise the equivalence between decimals and fractions.

Fluffy Clouds: #4884 – Recognise and use the equivalence of fractions and decimals.

Monster Mash: #5507 – Position decimals with up to two places on a number line.

RC Racers: #5406 – Order a set of fractions by converting them to decimals.

Help Granny: #5059 – Multiplication using money. Read the question, then use the number selector to enter the correct answer.

Temple Crusade: #5218 – Add mentally two numbers up to two decimal places.R.C. Racers Maths Worksheet


Upper Key Stage 2


Year 5

Snow Hope: #4859 – Round decimal fractions to the nearest whole number or to the nearest tenth.

Snow Hope: #4882 – Round numbers to a given number of decimal places.

Dancing Robot: #4872 – Rapid recall of number facts and use known facts to derive unknown facts.

Strictly Talented: #5629 – Solve problems involving percentages with decimals.Ready Steady Bake Maths Worksheet


Year 6

Ready, Steady, Bake: #4881 – Mental recall of fraction, percentage and decimal facts.

Tomb of Doom: #4887 – ‘Good approximation’ of calculations.

Pizza Delivery: #5421 – Identify which is larger, the given fraction or decimal.


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