Maths Worksheets That Focus on Fractions

To help students learn all about fractions and grasp an understanding of them, EducationCity has a range of maths worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) on fractions to support your lessons and teaching.

Not only can these worksheets be used for some fantastic practice in this particular area of maths but they also sit with a corresponding Activity on EducationCity too, so they’re a great preliminary or follow-up task.

All you need to do to find them is search by the ID numbers which are mentioned below in Search and voila, you’ll have the worksheets to use in your lessons!


Key Stage 1

Year 1

Ready, Steady, Bake: #4746 – Find a half and a quarter of an item cut into 2 or 4.

Year 2Ready, Steady, Bake Maths Worksheets

Fraction Like An Egyptian: #28769 – Find half of a number of objects. Look at the objects and select the equivalent fractions ½ and 2/4.

Fraction Heroes: #13350 – Compare fractions with like numerators or denominators.

Pyramid Scheme: #28767 – Children select 1/3, ¼, 2/3 and ¾ of a length, a shape and a set of objects.


Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3

Fraction Packed: #12493 – Identify a fractional area of a shape.

Pizza Delivery: #4808 – Decide whether a fraction is greater or less than one half.

Snow Hope: #4815 – Find fractions (halves, quarters, fifths or tenths) of numbers or quantities.

Year 4

Fluffy Clouds: #4884 – Recognise and use the equivalence of fractions and decimals.

Pigeon Race: #5401 – Find fractions of numbers and quantities.

RC Racers: #5406 – Order a set of fractions by converting them to decimals.


Upper Key Stage 2Pizza Delivery Maths Worksheet

Year 5

Ready, Steady, Bake: #4836 – Understand the equivalence between percentages and fractions.

Water World: #5595 – Simplifying fractions.

Up and Away: #5435 – Add and subtract simple fractions.

Year 6

Crazy Maze: #5300 – Solve the word problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions of a whole.

Pizza Delivery: #5421 – Identify which is larger, the given fraction or decimal.

Water World: #5678 – Convert percentages to fractions and fractions to percentages.


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