Maths Worksheets That Focus on Shapes

It helps with decoding objects and identifying patterns, as well as recognising letters and spotting shapes within them such as circles, triangles and more.

When younger children learn about shapes though, this can also help with other skills in maths for their future school years, such as percentages.

EducationCity houses a number of maths worksheets (also known as Activity Sheets) which are perfect for this topic, as well as for classwork or homework.

Simply type the ID number into Search to find them below.

Maths Activity

We’ve created a summary of the worksheets below for a number of year levels. So let’s begin…


Make a Playzone: #5477 – Match the shapes

Puzzle Plates: #5672 – Puzzle completion

Key Stage 1

Shape Spin: #5632 – Recognise 2D shapes

Babysitter: #5080 – Name the 3D shapes

Nine Lives: #5121 –2D shape descriptions

Lower Key Stage 2

Fraction Packed: #12493 – Unit fractions to describe area

Snip Shape: #5708 – Areas of rectangles

Upper Key Stage 2

Polly Gone Crackers: #22325 – Classifying polygons

Football Football: #5520 – Different mirror lines

Shape Shuttle: #5282 – Identify nets of 3D shapes

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