Meeting the New National Curriculum Demands

Since the start of the new autumn term, we’ve been working flat out here at EducationCity, not only putting together our very well received Computing module but also developing new and engaging resources to meet the many new objectives within the new National Curriculum, especially in mathematics. Some of these new resources are already ‘live’ on our product and there are more to come in the lead up to Bett 2015.

Proving very popular, our new 11 and 12 times tables songs seem to have ‘hit a chord’ with both children and their teachers. There has never been anything wrong with putting a bit of fun into learning and we will continue to do just that when appropriate without taking our focus off the main task of clearly meeting the objective. It’s been very interesting to see how many hits the songs have had on YouTube and I suspect that not all have been children! You can find both of these Activities on our Curriculum Map in Mathematics > Lower Key Stage 2 > Year 4 > Number > Multiplication and Division.

However, times tables are not the only thing we’ve been working on. Our Content Delivery Plan has been put together for the next year and in the first quarter alone we hope to have developed 4 new Learn Screens and 3 new Activities together with a host of new peripherals for mathematics. As ever, we have taken into account customer feedback about where teachers would like to see new resources to meet either new or more demanding objectives within the mathematics curriculum. Those of you that are heavy users of mobile devices will also be pleased to note that a large amount of conversion to HTML5 is going on which Duncan, our Lead Mathematics producer, has been involved in. Don’t forget though, that all our product is available on mobile devices by using the Puffin Academy App which is available free of charge.

One particular recent development, where we took on board customer feedback, were the two Activities that address the issue of reading and writing numbers in numerals and words. The two News Round Activities do just that in a very clear but engaing way for children in Year 2. Again, you can find these Activities on our Curriculum Map in Mathematics > Key Stage 1 > Year 2 > Number > Number and Place Value. They’re ‘live’ on the product now.

Please remember that we are always really interested to hear from our subscribers and to take on board their feedback and ideas for future development. If you’d like to talk about any issues related to our educational content, please don’t hesitate to contact me, Patrick Mainprize, Education Lead at EducationCity, by emailing