MFL and Football – The Winning Combination!

Use our Learn English and MFL modules to perfect your European language skills for the European football championships!

With Spain, France, Germany and England all being in the European Football Championships, now is the perfect time to encourage your pupils to learn MFL.                                                 

Celebrate languages with

Here are our top suggestions for using MFL to celebrate the European Football Championships:

  • Sing songs in French, German, Spanish and English
  • Learn greetings in a multilingual assembly
  • Use our suggested activities
  • Try out new phrases
  • Create an international wall display with cultural facts
  • Learn some top facts about France, Germany and Spain
  • Organise a treasure hunt around school with clues in French, Spanish or German!
  • Food tasting – try traditional foods from different countries

Activity and Topic Tool Suggestions:                    

French Topic Tool to learn about the time: Quelles heures est-il? (Year 4 and 6)

German Topic Tool to learn about the time: Wie spat ist es? (Year 4 and 6)

Spanish video to learn about animals: Entrevista: animals (Year 3)

Check out out Football Fun page here. 

We hope you have fun learning some new languages with your class. If you would like to take a free trial of MFL call us now on 0844 225 3060!