Multi-Year Subscription Option with EducationCity

We understand the need to make your budgets work hard for you and have come up with a number of ideas to look after the pennies. In this blog we look at multi-year subscription options.

Multi-year subscriptions offer loyalty discounts on those who are subscribing to EducationCity for two years or more.

The discounts which we offer are the following. Subscribe for:

  • 2 years to save 5%
  • 3 years to save 10%
  • 4 years or more to save 15%

The advantages of taking out a multi-year subscription with EducationCity are:

  • prices are capped, so you avoid future price increases during the  period of your subscription
  • showing future commitment to EducationCity means that you are first to receive any updates or features inclusive to the subscription
  • with the money you save with a multi-year subscription, you can re-invest this into other elements of the school's resources
  • students and teachers will become more and more familiar with the resource and thus use it more effectively

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