My Work Experience at EducationCity

What I have learnt at EducationCity? I’ve learnt about the product in more detail and loads more about coding. I have also been in morning meetings, listening about how EducationCity peer assess everything, and what they do.

This is a really good placement because I have learnt a variety of skills in many different areas. For example, I’ve spent time with the producers, marketing and programmers. You learn so much about the team, and everyone here is so down to earth and friendly.

EducationCity is a really good place to be, meeting all the teams and getting an understanding of the complex processes that each piece of content has to go through to ensure its accuracy and relevance.

I really enjoyed the whole time I’ve been here. The last day was especially great as I spent the full day with the Art Team and made a poster, obviously with help!

Thank you EducationCity for taking me on. I’ve had a great time working with all of you for the week and would whole-heartedly recommend people coming to this placement to meet you all and learn all the new skills I have.

We enjoyed having you here, Kieran. Thanks for all the hard work you did!