myCity is now even better!

After listening to your feedback, we have added some handy folders to the myCity area. This update includes:

  • myCity foldersflexibility to organise and store myCities in up to 50 folders
  • unique labels and icons for easy identification and customisation
  • show/hide function to reduce clutter
  • search feature to help locate myCities fast
  • easy-to-use controls for moving, ordering and displaying myCities and folders
  • smart new appearance

This new myCity feature upgrade is now live in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.


We need your feedback!

Your feedback is vital to and we want you to tell us what you think of the new folders as we’re committed to acting on teachers’ feedback and suggestions.

Just click on the feedback button in ‘set myCity’ in the Teacher Area. Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.