National Obesity Awareness Week is Next Week!

National Obesity Awareness Week is organised by the National Obesity Forum and runs for the whole of next week. It’s a week which aims to highlight the obesity problem, along with the importance of eating healthily and being active.

Statistics from the organisation make difficult reading. They indicate that:

  • Nearly a quarter of children leaving primary school are considered to be obese, as are one in four adults.
  • More than 12,000 hospital appointments a year are now for obesity related conditions
  • As many as half of us could be obese by 2050

As a result, they are calling for everyone to play a part in turning obesity around by encouraging manageable and sustainable change, whether that is eating more healthily or being more physically active.

Our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Topical Resources are here to help you do just that with Lesson Plans, ThinkIts, Fact Sheets, Activity Suggestions and Reference Sheets to help you and your class look at what a balanced food plan should look like, what different food types are useful for and what effective exercise looks like too.

We think the Keep Moving All Week week-long Lesson Plans, as well as the new Activity Record Booklets which allow students to log their daily exercise are particularly useful. Let us know if you agree!

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