Latest Content Release Alert!

Did you know some of the content is cross-curricular and can be used to teach different subjects? Whilst we go through a few of the content pieces below, we’ll explore what topics they could help you teach…


Explore these KS1 and KS2 Learn Screens to help students develop their measurement skills. These content pieces are great as they can also be practiced during a science lesson e.g., measuring solids and liquids and then applying an equation to find a chemical reaction. Do take a look!


Scaly Scales: #35581 – Order and compare measurements using words and symbols.


Equation Invasion: 37511 – A Learn Screen to introduce finding the different combinations of two variables which make an equation true. Includes some real-life examples involving measure.


Explore significant historical events with the KS2 English Learn Screens, which looks at books which are structured in different ways; all with a cross-curricular theme of mountains – perfect for a geography lesson!

Peaky Climbers: #36778 – Explore the features of leaflet texts.

To Everest and Beyond: #36777 – Explore the features of biography texts.

To the Top: #36764 – Explore the features of information texts.

Psst… This Learn Screen would be great for your history lesson if you’re exploring World War 2!

Women of World War 2: #36836 – Explore the features of information texts.


Did you know you can also use this KS2 Learn Screen as an introduction to a maths lesson? Why not encourage students to measure the distance of shadows to help support their maths knowledge and then predict the distance the shadow will grow depending on the position of the sun (perfect for a bit of science investigation!).

Shadow Patterns: #35567 – An introduction to finding patterns in the way that the size of shadows change as a result of the Sun’s movement.

Psst… all you need to do to find the content is type the ID numbers into the Search tool on EducationCity – super simple!

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