NEW EducationCity Content Alert!

If you didn’t already know, we’ve lots of exciting new content in English, Maths and Science subjects.

They’re listed below and all you need to do to find them is type the ID numbers into the Search tool on EducationCity – super simple!

Here’s a few of our favourite pieces from the release…


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Articles of Note: #34815 – Discussing and making notes to plan a newspaper article.

Roman Report: #34813 – Meg shows Stig how she will write her report about the Romans, using her writing plan to organise her writing into paragraphs.

Heated Debate: #34757 – Read a selection of texts and select the arguments, which support the view for either for or against.

Norse Code: #34796 – Read and retrieve information from a number of non-fiction texts.

River Dash: #34417 – Correctly identify and use a hyphen to avoid ambiguity in a sentence.


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Seven Days: #35145 – An introduction to the language used when sequencing events into chronological order, through listening to a poem where the days of the week are sequenced in order.

More or Less: #35144 – Learn how to count one more or one less than a given number.


Ice Breaker: #34920 – Recognise and write fractions that are equivalent.

Beak Performance: #34644 – Enter the coordinates of a point on a grid in the first quadrant.

Angle Finder: #34817 – Know the names of angles based on their measure.


Learn Screens

Bad Habits: #35231 – Learn about the impact of drugs and smoking on the body and lifestyle.

Eat, Sleep, Play: #35230 – Explore how diet and exercise impact the body.

Fair and Square: #35171 – Manu explains, through his use of fair tests, the properties of the materials, plastic, foil and wool. He then uses the results of his comparative and fair tests to select a suitable use for each material.

New Horizons: #35167 – How we can deduce that the Sun, Earth and Moon are approximately spherical bodies.

The Needs of Plants: #35195 – Explore key vocabulary used when discussing plants and their needs.

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