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New English & Maths Content Just Launched

EducationCity’s resources are built using its set of familiar characters, fun, high-quality animation and enjoyable storylines to introduce and reinforce concepts, and make learning highly educational yet enjoyable. That’s why, today, we’re letting you know all about the latest Activities, Learn Screens and Videos we’ve just added to the product, in the English and Maths modules.

Even though we’ve listed the resources below, which are all aligned to curriculum objectives to support targeted learning, you can always see what’s new by going to the New Content tab in the Teacher Area.

All you need to do to have a glimpse of the new resources and dig into them on EducationCity is search for their ID numbers in the search bar – simple!



Key Stage 1A Day by the Bay English Activity

A Day by the Bay: #33501 – Identify words with the long /a/ sound spelled ‘ay’. Contains phase 4 and 5 words.

Double Bubble Trouble: #33496 – Read the words and identify if they are singular and plural.

Manu’s Music Machine: #34313 – Use phonological knowledge to match sounds and letters to construct known words.

Having a Giraffe: #33050 – To understand that an apostrophe is used to show missing letter(s).

Hedgehog and Mouse: #26852 – Listen to each page being read from a story. Answer a question based on what has been read so far.

Hedgehog and Mouse: #27880 – Read each page from a story. Answer a question based on what has been read so far.

Safari Statements: #33054 – To understand and identify different sentence types.

Holiday Reading: #34371 – Read a variety of sentences. Select the sentences with the correct spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Lower Key Stage 2For Better or Verse English Activity

Written in the Sand: #33493 – Through this activity, students learn to recognise and form the present perfect tense of a verb, understanding how it is different to the simple past and simple present tense.

For Better or Verse: #34367 – Recognise 7 different types of poetry, themed around the weather, from their features. Types include: Haiku, narrative, kenning, acrostic, shape, free verse and limerick.

Savvy Stories: #34375 – Read a piece of text and identify the main ideas by answering questions.

The Jungle Books: #34364 – Students read extracts of each of the different text types in order to identify them. Text types include explanation, instruction, non-chronological report, persuasive text, diary, biography, autobiography, newspaper report and letter.

Upper Key Stage 2

Halley’s Comma: #33023 – Apply knowledge of : () ; , “” … ‘ to correctly punctuate sentences.

Daedalus and Icarus: #32650 – Read the Greek myth of Daedalus and Icarus and demonstrate understanding of the story by answering questions.

Robin Hood: #32651 – Read a story and demonstrate understanding by answering questions.Safari So Good English Activity

Been There, Dune That: #32821 – Identify and use the correct homophones and words, which are often confused in a sentence.

Safari, So Good: #32813 – Understand how a colon is used to punctuate a list within a sentence.

Football Fame: #32822 – Use colons, semi-colons and dashes to mark boundaries between independent clauses. Use brackets, dashes and commas to indicate parenthesis.

What a Trip: #33008 – Identify the use of incorrect verbs within a text and edit these to make the text grammatically accurate.

Well Comma to the Jungle: #32925 – Use dashes, brackets and commas correctly to indicate parenthesis.


Learn Screens

Key Stage 1

Treasure Traps: #33500 – Using adjectives reflecting the 5 senses to make writing more interesting.

Lower Key Stage 2Rainforest Report English Learn Screen

The Jungle Books: #34364 – Students read extracts of each of the different text types in order to identify them. Text types include explanation, instruction, non-chronological report, persuasive text, diary, biography, autobiography, newspaper report and letter.

Upper Key Stage 2

Precising Passages: #33499 – Learn how to precis a longer passage.

The Writing Process: #34370 – Understand the evaluating and editing stage of the writing process.

Rainforest Report: #34399 – Explore the features of different types of text (explanation, instruction, non-chronological report, persuasive text, diary, biography, autobiography, newspaper report and letter). Includes use of grammar and vocabulary particular to each text type.


VideosABC... English Video


ABC…: #26115 – The original alphabet sing-along and nursery rhyme.

Vowels Sing-along: #26101 – A modern alphabet sing-along that highlights the vowels.





Share Bears: #33330 – Drag and drop toy images to double and halve quantities up to 20.

Key Stage 1

Squids In: #33047 – Add Coins from 1p to £2.

Eternal Flume: #34361 – Convert, sequence and compare time.Share Bears Maths Activity

Lower Key Stage 2

Choc-a-Block: #34346 – Identify and write equivalent fractions including 10ths and 100ths.

Pharaoh Triangle: #33270 – Compare and classify triangles, recognising the properties (including size, angles and symmetry) of scalene, isosceles, equilateral and right-angled triangles.

Time Flies: #33297 – Solve problems involving converting units of time.

Lost in Translation: #33200 – Describe how a shape has been translated by completing the number of units it has moved left/right and up/down.

Upper Key Stage 2

Cooking the Books: #34352 – Answer scaling problems with real life contexts. Identify the different scale factors in each case, order to scale the different amounts (includes scaling by simple fractions).

Vacation, Vacation, Vacation: #34334 – Look at different information presented in tables and timetables and answer the questions.

Anchors Away: #34390 – Find the missing angle in a circle.

Deep Space Line: #34355 – Interpret a line graph in order to answer questions including sum and difference problems.

Fold Masters: #34326 – Identify the different configurations of the nets of a cube and match 3-D shapes and their shape names to the nets that can be used to construct them.

Hundreds and Thousandths: #34337 – Recognise the value of different digits including tenths, hundredths and thousandths. Convert fractions into decimal fractions. Find and match fractions to the correct unit of measurements.

On Your Bike: #32312 – Identify equivalent fractions and decimal fractions. Use an understanding of fractions and place value to match different decimals with their equivalent fraction or fractions.

Number Cruncher: #34323 – Solve multiplication and division problems involving factors and multiples, squares and cubes.

I Predict a Chariot: #32310 – Identify the date written in Roman numerals and then place these dates into the correct order.

Tanks for all the Fish: #33306 – Estimate the volume of cubes and cuboids and the capacity of containers using 1cm³ blocks.

Chequered Flag: #34317 – Answer a mixture of car racing themed word problems involving unequal sharing and grouping.

Cone with the Wind: #34320 – Identify the addition or subtraction calculations required to solve the problem and then complete the calculations to find the answer.

Top of the World: #34340 – Answer questions covering; the ordering of numbers including decimals to 2 decimal places and whole numbers up to 10,000,000; rounding of whole numbers to a required degree of accuracy; the use of negative numbers in context, including calculating intervals across zero.

Round and Round: #34343 – Solve problems involving +, -, x and ÷ using decimals and rounding answers to specified degrees of accuracy.

Playing the Long Game Maths Learn Screen

Scale Factor: #34349 – Identify the scale factor of similar 2-D shapes as a ratio of the side lengths and use a given scale factor to find the length of the missing sides in similar shapes.


Learn Screens

Upper Key Stage 2

Divide and Concur: #34316 – A Learn Screen to convert fractions into decimal fractions using division and for simple fractions with recurring decimal equivalents, to round the decimal to 3 decimal places.

Playing the Long Game: #34315 – A Learn Screen to demonstrate the long division of a 2 digit number by a one digit number, where the answer contains a decimal fraction. Includes recurring decimals, where the answer is rounded to 2 decimal places.


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