NEW Learn English ThinkIts

We are delighted to be releasing 16 new ThinkIts to our Learn English modules today, extending ThinkIts to Level A for the first time!

Four ThinkIts have been added for each strand of the curriculum below. We're sure you'll find them fantastic lesson starters, that positively promote conversation and interaction.

  • Social and Conversational (ThinkIt IDs 404, 405, 406, 407)
  • Academic Reading and Writing (ThinkIt IDs 413, 414, 415, 443)
  • Language of Mathematics (ThinkIt IDs 427, 428, 430, 431)
  • Language of Science (ThinkIt IDs 429, 433, 434, 435)

Plant ThinkItThese ThinkIts are currently accessible via the years below across our regions, although they are suitable for all “New to English” pupils from these years up to Year 6 (England and Wales), Second*** (Scotland) and P7 (Northern Ireland):

  • England: Year 3
  • Scotland: First***
  • Wales: Year 3
  • Northern Ireland: P4

Access will be extended shortly.

Take a look today!