New! Mental Maths tool

James, our Maths producer, couldn’t wait to break the news to me that he had just put a brand new tool LIVE in the UK – Mental Maths. Perfect to get your pupils minds thinking quickly.Mental Maths screenshot

This is an extremely useful tool for teachers and one of the most complex we have done for maths to date”, says James.

Why all the fuss?

It’s super quick and super easy to get started, with customisable settings or an ‘auto-fill’ option:

  • Set customised mental maths tests for the whole class.
  • Complete on the whiteboard or individually with pencil and paper.
  • All tests are timed and marked.
  • Tests can be automatically generated at the appropriate level for your pupils by clicking the ‘auto-fill’ button for each operation.
  • Use the ‘Team Gameplay’ mode to encourage competition.
  • Print out customised worksheets based on the parameters set.

Check out Mental Maths with your class today. It’s available for:

  • England: from Year 1 to Year 6
  • Scotland: from First* to Second***
  • Wales: from Year 1 to Year 6
  • N. Ireland: from P3 to P7.

Don’t subscribe? Get your free trial today by calling 0844 225 3060 or email