New! New! New!

It’s been a hectic start to the year what with BETT 2011 preparations and presence. In the background, the Development Teams have been working hard at launching lots of exciting new content for you and your pupils. Here’s our what’s hot list of brand NEW content:

Spanish Videos for Year 3

Spanish Video screen shot
A mega hit for all Spanish subscribers, this series of five videos transports pupils into real life Spanish scenarios.  Click here for more information.

Open and Save added to even more activities

The feature, designed to save you time, has been added to the Literacy Text Features, Word Search and the brand new Paragraphing Topic Tools in all UK regions.

Paragraphing Topic Tool

The tool allows you to arrange sentences into a coherent order, making it easy to explore how sentences are arranged into paragraphs. 

C'est quelle lettre? Tool

C'est Quelle Letter?
Learn the letters of the alphabet in French with a fun flash card tool.

Number Bonds Tool

Make Number Bonds with our number wheels with digits from 1-10.

Grow a Plant Tool

Explore the effects of water, heat and light on the growth of a plant.

Seed Feed

Seed Feed screen shot
Consider conditions that might effect germination. With glorious graphics, a visual dictionary and clear explanations, this new Learn Screen is the perfect accompaniment to a fabulous interactive activity and already a favourite of the staff and subscribers alike.

Skateboard Whizz Year 6 Literacy

Learn how to retrieve information accurately from a bank of text. With a fun Skateboarding theme and interesting information that relates to the targeted age group.

ABC Sing-along

A modern alphabet song that links to letters, naming and sounding letters of the alphabet. Fun, playful and catchy.

Remember, you can find out and access all of these updates via What's New in the Teacher Area of the product.