NEW RELEASE! Why Use the Assessment Report?

We understand that with a busy school period (especially during the build up to Christmas), it can be tricky to mark individual student’s work, but this is where we hope we can step in and lend you a helping hand (especially in preparation for the new year!).

Before we delve into the benefits of this fantastic new Assessment Report, let us tell you what it is…

The Assessment Report is a handy feature which enables you to view every students’ score taken from an assessment (you can see in the screenshot below the different options you’ll find within SuccessTracker). If you want to see whole class progress in real-time instantly, simply take a look at the Assessment Report to help meet your teaching needs!  

Let’s put ourselves in the scenario that we’ve set up an assessment using MyCity and now we want to translate the data to help inform our lesson planning. What does the Assessment Report support you with?

Identify which students have mastered an objective.

Compare results to identify areas for further focus.

Analyse the data to see where misconceptions have occurred.

Differentiate Learning from the Tips of Your Fingers

Finding time to differentiate learning can be a challenge, but the Assessment Report can take some of the work out of that. 

Clicking on any question allows you to easily group students based on their level of understanding. This is a great tool if you’re using blended learning in your classroom, particularly if you work with a Round Robin model, as you can support students who may need it, ask students to work on their Revision Journal or instruct your students to peer teach as well to support one another.

Identify Gaps in Students’ Learning  

The Assessment Report allows you to see misconceptions and gaps in understanding at a glance.  

Broken down by objective and question, you’ll be able to see which students answered correctly and incorrectly, as well as the answers they gave. From here, you can easily decide which students need further intervention, and what support they might need to master a concept. 

Rewarding and Praising Students

If your students score higher than the minimum score set in Preferences, they’ll be able to print a certificate to celebrate their achievement (you’ll also be able to print one out in SuccessTracker under Student Scores) – the perfect treat for fantastic hard work!

Psst… Take a look at our fab Editable Certificate pack too!

That’s all from us for now, but we’d love to hear your feedback once you’ve tried the Assessment Report for yourself. Get in touch with us at to tell us the impact this new functionality has had to help you with data reporting.