New ThinkIts supporting the new National Curriculum

In preparation for the new National Curriculum in England (NC2014) in September, we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve just launched over 50 ThinkIts across Maths and Science to bolster our curriculum coverage. In most cases, we now have at least five ThinkIts per strand per year in our Maths and Science modules!

For Science, a great effort has been focused on creating new content to support the Working Scientifically strand from the new National Curriculum. We look forward to hearing how much they help in the classroom when you are encouraging your students to think about scientific investigation!

We are sure you will have your own favourites, but here are the ones our team considered the best.

ThinkIt ID 623: Perimeter and Area has been hugely popular. The final question on the answer slide had us all scratching our heads trying to figure out the rule!

ThinkIt ID 751: Adventure Time Graph is also one with stand-out appeal! It’s a fun way of using a graph to extract data, and has some great graphics to support it.

Our final recommendation would be ThinkIt ID 786: Asking Habitat Questions, which is a great ThinkIt to help students come up with questions when investigating new areas within their local habitat.

Please NOTE: These ThinkIts are also available to access in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland regions.