New Year and New Learning Adventures

That’s why, today, we wanted to explore the many ways you can use EducationCity’s variety of learning resources in your lessons. With over 7,000 resources on EducationCity that can be used flexibly alongside your teaching, there’s plenty of room for new learning adventures!

We’ll be going through some ideas of how you can use the EducationCity resource for a Year 2 class on punctuation, a Year 4 addition class, a Year 2 lesson on plants and a class on e-safety for Year 5.

We hope these give you a number of ideas for new learning journeys, as well as help you see how EducationCity can be used in lessons, and save you time with your lesson planning too because everything is pre-prepared!

Tip: Use the ID numbers below to search for the content on EducationCity and try it all out.



Year 2 Punctuation Class

1. Start with the ‘Ending Sentences’ ThinkIt to introduce the topic of punctuation.Ending Sentences English ThinkIt

Ending Sentences: #13810 – Write different endings to a sentence using ‘and’.

2. Use the ‘Rapid Rounders’ Learn Screen to gain knowledge of capital letters and full stops.

Rapid Rounders: #12926 – Using capital letters at the start of a sentence and for people’s names, full stops at the end of sentences and question marks for questions.

3. Try the ‘Rapid Rounders’ Activity to support the gained knowledge.

Rapid Rounders: #1792 – Correctly use full stops, question marks and capitalise names and first letters in sentences.

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Year 4 Addition Class

1. Begin with the ‘Current Calculations’ Learn Screen to explore the concept of addition with your class.Current Calculations Maths Learn Screen

Current Calculations: #14852 – Solve two-step addition and subtraction problems in contexts.

2. Now try ‘PlayLive Addition’ to reinforce the gained knowledge.

PlayLive Addition: #25988 – Answer addition questions with an answer of a maximum of 50. You have 60 seconds and 3 lives to answer as many questions as you can in this online, quick fire, multiplayer game.

3. Then try the ‘Mental Maths’ Topic Tool to set a customised arithmetic test and see progress.

Mental Maths: #1968 – Set a customised mental maths test.

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Year 2 Plants Lesson

1. Start with the ‘Changing Plants’ ThinkIt to begin a class discussion on plants.The Roots Science Learn Screen

Changing Plants: #15013 – If you observed this plant for two weeks, what changes might you see?

2. Then use ‘The Roots’ Learn Screen to explore more about plants and their functions.

The Roots: #19960 – See how a plant grows from a seed.

3. Finish with the ‘Grow a Plant’ Topic Tool to feed students’ investigative juices by predicting how a plant might grow.

Grow a Plant: #1911 – Explore the effects of weather, heat and light on the growth of a plant.

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Year 5 E-Safety Lesson

1. Use the ‘Sharing Online’ Learn Screen to introduce the topic to the classroom.Sharing Online Computing Learn Screen

Sharing Online: #13433 – Developing an awareness of how to communicate safely online.

2. Now use the ‘Consequences’ Activity to test the knowledge gained from the Learn Screen.

Consequences: #19726 – The consequences of inappropriate online behaviour.

3. Next, use the ‘Consequences’ Activity Sheet to boost students’ understanding of e-safety.

Consequences: #19815 – The consequences of inappropriate online behaviour.

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These ideas can be used really flexibly in your lessons and there’s plenty more content on these areas to try too! Log in to EducationCity now to try them!