Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales schools – Try EducationCity’s Computing module!

We are delighted to announce that we will be releasing our new Computing module, consisting of Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy strands, region-wide in September as elements of Computing are now entering the curricula in all regions. We are confident that it will not only be relevant to schools following the new National Curriculum in England, but it will also be relevant to the Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales curricula!

We’ve received great feedback from the Freemium content we’ve already released, and are sure we’ll receive more from schools in Wales and Scotland, for whom it will help teach their ICT curriculum areas, and schools in Northern Ireland when they use it to deliver the ‘Science and Technology’ strand of their ‘The World Around Us’ curriculum area.

EducationCity’s Computing module will consist of a combination of engaging Activities, exciting Student Tools, interactive Topic Tools, educational Learn Screens and interesting ThinkIts, which will enable students to explore computational thinking with creativity to understand technology and the 21st century technological world in which children live in. This in turn will help them acquire the digital skills required for employment in the 21st century and adult life.

The Computing module itself will be FREE until January 2015 when it is released for subscription with fees starting from just £92/year!

You can try out our new Computing module by taking a look at our Freemium Computing content! You can access this unique Freemium content now to get a real taste of what will be available in September when our new Computing module is launched.

See the brilliant new content for yourself – it’s only a click away! Simply click here to access it!

Please note: The Computing content you will access will remain mapped to the Computing curriculum for England at present, but plans to map to regional curricula are in development.