Oakham primary school visit EducationCity.com on a journalistic outing

Last week we had a very exciting day indeed when pupils from local school, Brooke Hill Primary, paid us a visit to find out more about how their favourite resource is created.School visit

Brooke Hill’s News Club, a group of nine pupils from Years 3 – 6 took the short walk to our head office last Thursday. Jessica (our friendly trainer) started the visit with a guided tour of the offices to introduce the pupils to the cogs that make EducationCity.com turn. At least that was the plan… as soon as the children were inside the building they took charge; notebooks, pens, cameras and a bank of probing questions were at the ready and they led the way. The budding journalists got stuck in; confidently introducing themselves to staff and grilling them on everything from their best score on Play Live to how long they get for lunch (only half an hour, shock horror!).

Budding journalistsIt was a great chance for pupils to have an insight into business and a real opportunity to put their journalistic skills to the test. They even took part in an international call to our office in Chicago, USA. The bright sparks created a whirlwind of excitement and the staff all agreed they brought a breath of fresh air into the offices. Peter from the Sales Team commented: 

“We were all taken aback at the attention and interest paid to us here. We felt like mini celebrities.”

Pupil on an international call!The visit was topped off by some excellent presentations on how we create EducationCity.com from concept through to the finished product by producers Ema and Dean, artist Jack and programmer John. We even had a visit from the local press just before hometime.

Brooke Hill’s News Club convene this evening when they will be putting pen to paper and writing their very own news story. We eagerly wait in anticipation!