Once upon a time, in a City far away

Did you know that it’s National Storytelling Week? Will your school be taking part? If so we would LOVE to know about your plans for the week. If you have a tale to tell, a film to showcase or a picture to pose then why not share them with us? We will post your story-telling themed activities on our blog, Facebook and Twitter!

EducationCity.com has some great tools to use for storytelling. In particular:


The Teleprompter Tool

TeleprompterUse it to engage in shared reading, fluency building and individual performance activities. With a built-in text bank, it provides extracts from stories, poems and news stories and examples of traditional verse. The Teleprompter also gives you the option to upload your own text making the tool relevant to classroom projects.


Check out the teacher guide to the Teleprompter by clicking on the light bulb in the Teacher Area for lesson ideas. Save and Open works with this feature.


Other ideas for your lessons using EducationCity.com:


Name Description England       Scotland
Cloze Tool Each version contains stories. Use the tool to focus on the use of adjectives, verbs, nouns or other word types. Years 2 – 7 Years First *** – Second ***
Paragraphing Tool Each version contains stories. Order the sentences so that the narrative makes sense. Years 1 – 7 Years First ** – Second ***



Name Description Eng NI  Wales Scot
Swamp Fever Build up knowledge of Literacy elements and devices Year 6 P7  Year 7 Second ***
Sten’s Comic Book Maker Create your own comic book story Year 6 P6 Year 6 Second *
Shiver Me Timbers Organise text to form paragraphs in the context of a story Year 5 P6 Year 5 Second *
Dragon’s Pendant Write dialogue in the context of a movie scene Year 4 P5 Year 4 Second ***
Story Time Use descriptive language in the context of a story Year 4 P5 Year 5 Second *
Story Time Use beginning, middle and end to construct narratives Year 3 P5 Year 4 First ***