Our very first Spanish Topic Tool launched!

We are excited to announce our very first Spanish Topic Tool, ‘¿Qué es esto?’, for Years 3 – 6.

Our team of talented producers, artists and developers have come together to produce our first Spanish tool headed by Sandra, our resident Spanish producer. This tool will help to teach and reinforce vocabulary using flashcards representing a range of topics from food through to furniture in the home!

The flashcards can be customized to fit a variety of contexts including singular and plural nouns or definite and indefinite articles.


•    Show/hide text
•    Timed play
•    Team play
•    Scoreboard of results
•    Print options 
•    Multiple settings and preferences to suit your lesson


The tool can temporarily be accessed from News and Community in the Teacher Area.

Remember to get some lesson ideas for this new tool from the Tool Guide in the Teacher Zone!