Pick of the Pack 2012

As the rest of the world take to the red carpet to receive Baftas, Oscars and Golden Globes, our very own Production Team here at EducationCity.com have been eagerly awaiting the results of their own awards ceremony!

Read on to see the contenders for Best Activity, Best Topic Tool, Best ThinkIt and Best Learn Screen of 2012.

(All years mentioned related to the English curricula.)

Click on each category to find out more about the winners:

Best Activities +

For Best Activity, the most highly contested award of the night, the winner for 2012 is…

1st place: Slam Dunk (Literacy: Year 6+) Spell a range of high frequency words
2nd place: Paper Mash (Maths: Year 5) Locate coordinates on a grid
3rd place: Twisted Town (EAL: Level A in Years 3-6) Listen to and repeat tongue twisters using neighbourhood vocabulary

Slam Dunk

Topic Tools +

For Best Topic Tool, put your hands together for the winner…

1st place: Story Starter Machine (Literacy: Years 1-6) Generate a range of fiction writing ideas
2nd place: Magnets (Science: Years 1 and 3) Investigate the effects magnets have on a range of different materials and record your findings
3rd place: Calendar (Maths: Year 1) Set up the date every day with customised text and images

Best Topic Tools from EducationCity.com







ThinkIts +

For Best ThinkIt, the winner is…

1st place: Dyslexia Awareness (Topical: Year 4) Does having difficulty with reading and writing mean you can’t do well?
2nd place: Roald Dahl: BFG Creatures (Topical: Year 4) Invent some words for animals as Roald Dahl did for The BFG
3rd place: Guessing the Shape (Maths: Year 3) What shape am I?

Dyslexia Awarenenss ThinkIt

Learn Screens +

And last but not least, in the category of Learn Screens, the winner is…

1st place: Football Football (Maths: Year 5) Draw where a shape will be after it’s been reflected
2nd place: Green Fingers (Science: Year 5) Name the parts of the flower and understand the different function of each part
3rd place: Junkyard (Science: Year 6) Decide whether the change of state in a material is reversible or irreversible

Football Football

Did you see all these as they were released? If not, why not take a look at one or more today?

Most importantly, what do you think of the judges’ decisions? Which activities, Topic Tools, ThinkIts and Learn Screens were your favourites from 2012?

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