Plant-tastic v fabu-rocks Topic Tools

The Plant Processes Topic Tool for Years 3, 5 and 6 is a favourite in the office. You build a plant diagram to explore and describe the processes it is able to go through.

Like all of our tools, it’s open-ended so it’s yours to use however you like; you can keep it simple by showing the different stages in plant growth or get technical, and focus on photosynthesis.

You can also:

  • Plant Processes Topic Toolclick on the ‘plant parts’ tab to show the different plant parts
  • drag and drop the different parts from the bank to the workspace
  • use text boxes to annotate your diagram or choose from a bank of ready made labels
  • choose relevant pictures from the picture bank including bumblebees and birds to CO2 and thermometers
  • choose the shapes to finish your diagram, from arrows to cycles
  • use the  toolbar to customise your diagram with colour, freehand and resize options.



The Sorting Rocks Topic Tool for Year 3 allows pupils to compare, contrast and classify various rocks and minerals according to their properties.

  1. Sorting Rocks Topic ToolSelect the chart you’d like to use, from a Venn Diagram or a Carroll Diagram.
  2. Choose your objects from a list of rocks (from Pumice to Basalt) and minerals (from Topaz to Feldspar).
  3. Start! You can custom-make categories for sorting or view a bank of pre-made categories, such as hard, soft, rough, smooth…

There is even a cool lens so you can zoom in and inspect the rock or mineral in more detail!