PlayLive: An Exciting Upgrade Coming Your Way…

Ah, the end of the academic year is almost here.

What better way to make you even more excited for the end of the year than to tell you about the exciting PlayLive upgrade that’s coming your way ready for when you come back to school in September?

Well, over the summer, PlayLive will have had a very exciting upgrade. We can’t tell you much right now mind you but all will be revealed soon.

Give Me a Hint… Please?

Hmmm… well, it involves some super cool snails and funky frogs – but that’s all you’re getting for now!

As well as this, we’re going to be adding lots of other fantastic new upgrades to improve your EducationCity experience so do keep your eyes peeled.

Don’t forget to check back in with us in the new academic year when we’ll be telling you about all that’s new!