PlayLive French is now live!

PlayLive French is EducationCity’s new addition to the PlayLive family, which like PlayLive Maths and Literacy is quick-fire, competitive and interactive.

PlayLive French will challenge your students with questions adapted to their year’s level of difficulty. The content bank it draws from includes hundreds of questions for each academic level and has been carefully designed to meet the NC2014 learning outcomes focusing on Literacy, Oracy and Intercultural Understanding.

It’s not just a matter of thinking on the spot and quick responses either, your students will play against up to 6 other players. They will need more than French skills alone to win: problem solving, reasoning, logic and sorting all come into play, and students will need to think strategically about when to play their double-score, skip and 50/50 wildcards.

Questions and answers use a full range of media – audio, graphics, text, photographs and video – and native speakers are featured throughout, adding an Intercultural Understanding dimension to the challenge. It’s perfect for practise or review and topics included range from leisure and animals, to travel, fashion and people.

Students can compete against their classmates, across their school or against students in other schools, so the challenge never ends!

Take a look today!

PlayLive French is available in:

  • England: Years 3 – 6
  • Scotland: First ***, Second *, Second **, Second ***
  • Wales: Years 3 – 6
  • Northern Ireland: P4 – P7

PlayLive French has been added to EducationCity as a complimentary upgrade, so if you subscribe to a French module in the levels stated above, it will be FREE to use and ready for you today.

If you’d like to try it for yourself, but don’t currently subscribe, why not take a trial of our French module? Simply call us on 01572 725080 or email us on