PlayLive French – Take a Sneak Peek!

Today we are delighted to be able to show you the first images of our new PlayLive French challenge, which we will be showcasing at the Bett Show next week.

What is PlayLive French?

PlayLive French is an interactive quiz for Years 3 to 6 and their regional equivalents, in which pupils test their knowledge of French and French culture against others within a timed, competitive environment.

Screenshot of PlayLive FrenchIt provides practice of spoken and written language in a fun, engaging way and tests pupils on their language comprehension as well as their background knowledge of France, French speaking countries and their cultures.

Questions and answers use a full range of media – audio, graphics, text, photographs and video – and native speaker audio is a feature throughout. Topics range from leisure and animals, to travelling, fashion and people.

Pupils can compete against classmates, across the school or against other schools' pupils, and even play strategically by using their double-score, skip and 50/50 wildcards.

When will PlayLive French be available on EducationCity?

PlayLive French will be demonstrated at Bett next week and is also one of the topics that EducationCity will be presenting on. See our demonstration schedule here.

Moving forward, the challenge will be available for the years below across our regions:

  • England: Years 3 – 6                 
  • Scotland: First ***, Second *, Second **, Second ***
  • Wales: Years 3 – 6
  • Northern Ireland: P4 – P7

– and will be added to our French modules as an complementary upgrade for our subscribing schools by September 2014. 

We are confident PlayLive French will be as popular with pupils as our existing PlayLive Maths and Literacy challenges and will really bring out the competitive spirit in your pupils.

Feel free to visit us at Stand D300 for a demonstration and have a go yourself!