Practise for Your School’s Play with Our Teleprompter Tool

Eek! Christmas is not far away now and we’re sure there’ll be lots of students practising for their school plays. We want to tell you about one of our resources you can use to help you.

Introducing the… Teleprompter Tool!

This resource is great for engaging students in shared reading, fluency building and individual performance activities and perfect for encouraging your students to read out loud!

With a built-in text bank, it provides extracts from stories, poems, news stories and examples of traditional verse.

Use this tool to upload your own text to help your students practise their play script. You could ask your students to practise in pairs or groups or why not use the whiteboard as a projector screen to engage the whole class?

Where Can I Find the Teleprompter Tool?

Teleprompter Tool (English/Literacy) – practise reading out loud.

  • England: Years 1 – 6
  • Scotland: First ** –  Second ***
  • Wales: Years 1 – 7
  • N. Ireland: P3 – P7

We do love a good school play! Are your students acting, singing, dancing or even doing all three? It’d be great to see some photos – tweet us @educationcity.

Handy hint! Check out our Shakespeare-themed extract from A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the Teleprompter Tool for Upper Key Stage 2! It can be found in Bank F and Bank G under: Summer Solstice > Shakespeare Extract

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