Producer’s Pick: Tests

Welcome to this Producer’s Pick! Today, we’ll be focussing on Tests. Why? Well, we know just how important it is to monitor students’ progress to help teachers plan and improve students’ understanding.

That’s exactly why EducationCity’s Tests, which are available in the Mathematics and Science modules, are available to test students’ knowledge and to track and monitor students’ progress.

What’s great about the Tests?

  • All questions have been written by our in-house Education Team: real teachers providing the best content to help assess your students’ learning.
  • All questions test students on curriculum objectives: each question has been designed to assess students’ knowledge on a specific objective.

Ellen’s tips for using EducationCity’s Tests in school…

Ellen, Educational Support at EducationCity, has come up with four brilliant teacher tips for making the most of Tests!

  1. Take advantage of Show Corrections: after taking a Test, students can take a look at their scores and learn from the reinforcements given, via the Show Corrections button.
  2. Saving teachers’ time: SuccessTracker lets teachers quickly track progress and view automatically recorded scores from a Test straight away. No marking involved!
  3. Personalised learning: A MyRevision Journal is generated after students take a Test. They’re full of Learn Screens and Activities based on a student’s score. Great to use with Home Access, they’re a really helpful teacher feature.
  4. Improve progress: quickly and simply extend any revision by setting a personalised MyCity for individuals or groups with content based on their Test results. Perfect for any upcoming holiday time for homework too!

To find out some more info about how EducationCity’s Tests can help you and your school, simply call +44 (0) 1572 725080 or email