Promoting Healthy Habits in School

That’s why it’s fantastic to show children why it’s a good idea to eat well and be active, so they can be healthier individuals and more focused to learn in class too. In schools in particular, these healthy habits can flourish most! So how can we promote healthy habits at school? Here are some ideas:

1. Grow vegetables or herbs in the school garden

Does your school have a garden? Perhaps you could grow some produce there with a group of students? Not only will this help students with their science lessons and growing plants, but students will also be able to see the variety of food they can grow and how food is grown naturally. This may support their healthy eating options and encourage them to try and eat these sorts of foods too.

2. Make time for lessons on healthy eating

If you’re teaching about nutrition soon, you might find this more easy to do. However, by making your students aware of the different food groups there are and the impact of some different foods to others on our bodies, they may be encouraged to choose healthier foods.

3. Promote activeness

This can be done in physical education lessons and by having school breaks outside, but it’s a great idea to make sure your students are moving regularly at school and to show them how doing something active can be really fun so they’ll want to do it in future.

4. Have water

By having water, this may encourage students to stay away from having sugary-sweetened drinks. The hydration they get from the water can also help with their willingness to learn too as they should be more focused.

5. Equipment for school breaks

Many schools already have this and see students using them daily. However, by trying to have equipment for students to use at break time or lunchtime to help them be active, this should help them move about more in a fun way. This may encourage them to want to do more physical activity too in their own time.

6. After-school clubs

Another way you can promote healthy habits is by having after-school sports clubs, or if you have the opportunity, cooking clubs, and encouraging students to join them. With them, they’ll have the opportunity to move about after school and maybe gain a physical hobby, or they’ll learn how to cook nutritional meals to help them with their eating options for future.

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