PSHE Lesson Plan Inspiration

PSHE Lesson Plan

Let’s Begin…

Talking About Yourself ThinkIt (#13790)

“I’d start the lesson with the ThinkIt ‘Talking About Yourself’ (found in Year 1 within English).

“I like this as an introduction as it’s always a great way for students to get to know each other. This could be great for the start of term or if there are any new students in the class.

“Not only that, but it really helps with enhancing students’ social skills and getting them out of their shell.

“In the context of this lesson though, I wanted the students to start thinking about how they feel about different things.”Talking About Yourself ThinkIt

Emotional Rollercoaster Activity (#28062)

“Following this, I’d be able to lead on with the Activity ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ (found in EYFS within Science).

“I would most likely use this in front of the class in ‘Whiteboard Mode’ to allow further discussion.

“I like this activity as it really focuses on how other people feel about things, and how we can be sensitive to that.

“It’s also super cute and features situations which will be familiar outside of the classroom.

“I think it leads on really well from the ThinkIt, as not only are students learning about each other, they are also learning how to treat one another as well.

“Also, I think this works well if you’re covering anti-bullying, as it can educate students on the outcome of bullying.”Emotional Rollercoaster Activity

Story Starter Machine Topic Tool (#5775-#5777)

“Then I would move forward with the customised Story Starter Machine Topic Tool (found in KS1 and KS2 within English).

“I would decide to use it as a discussion piece to give them randomised situations where they would have to be conscious of not only their feelings, but other people’s as well.

“I think this would be a great way to see how they would react and to see the impact the Activity has had.

“I also think it is a good way to show how cross-curricular the Topic Tools can be.”

Word Search Topic Tool (#2109-#2111)

“Finally, I’d end with the Word Search Topic Tool (because everybody loves a word search!), which can be found in KS1 and KS2 English and is customised with words which the students will have used during the lesson, such as ‘happy’, ‘angry’, ‘kind’ ‘mean’ and ‘sad’. I think it’s a fun way to end a slightly more serious lesson, while still reinforcing its message.Story Starter Machine

“I would personally print them out for blended learning and give them the option to work in groups with their friends they might have made during the lesson.”

Brilliant lesson plan, Susie! We hope you enjoyed all of these ideas and maybe even take away some ideas to incorporate into your lessons.

If you have any other lesson ideas, then please do get in touch with us @EducationCity – it would be great to hear from you!