Red Nose Day 2019

Red Nose Day is a charity event from Comic Relief, which brings a world of entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people, across the UK and the world, to live happier and safer lives.

Since last year’s event, 1,800 grants have been made (that’s worldwide!), to the sum of £72,262,123 – absolutely brilliant work!

Is your school fundraising? Take a look at some of the awesome Red Nose Day resources below…

The resources are available from the website here for you to download for free. They provide a great chance for students to learn more about the world around them and how Comic Relief is working to change lives.

These resources include posters and ‘fun stuff’ which includes recipes, bunting and dress-up masks. Are you holding a bake sale or dress up?

Bake Sale

One of the most popular fundraising events is a bake sale, as they are easy to organise, set up and run. You could hold a bake sale event in your school and get your students selling their yummy cakes!

Dress Up

Dress up events are super fun and are great for getting all students involved and raising lots of money for charity. You could even have a themed dress up, where students dress up as animals, wear their pyjamas or even have them rock up as their favourite Disney character (we LOVE this idea)!

Red Nose Day masks are a must – don’t forget to download yours!

Also, here are your sponsorship forms for your fundraising events!

You can find out much more on Comic Relief’s website, from stories on how your money helps, to fundraising ideas.

Don’t forget! If you’d like to make a donation to this fantastic cause, you can do so here.

Happy fundraising everyone!