Red Nose Day and National Science and Engineering Week 2013

Wow, there’s a lot going on today!

First and foremost, you can’t have failed to have noticed that it’s Red Nose Day today. Whether you’re dressing up, dressing down, dressing in red or having a Red Nose Day Bake Off like us, look no further for all you need to pay your hard-earned cash in. Our toolkit has it all!

It’s also the start of this year’s National Science and Engineering Week with its theme of Invention and Discovery. Take a look at our NSEW2013 Topical Resources to get your pupils inspired to invent. All the resources included are FREE for trialists, subscribers and non-subscribing schools to access, including our brand new programming tool, Code Crunch!

More on our Bake Off later. Have fun and feel free to click here to watch our Harlem Shake again if you’re in need of an extra giggle!