Safer Internet Day Resources Are Here!

Are you looking for some lesson plans and other helpful printouts to support your internet safety lesson?

Why not download our Safer Internet Day Topical Teaching Resource Pack for lots of inspiration!

Within the pack, you’ll find some super handy Fact Sheets to help your students understand why it’s important to stay safe online, as well as a Lesson Plan and posters, to help your class understand the benefits of the internet.

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Here are a few KS1 and KS2 Learn Screens, ThinkIts and Activities you could explore within our Computing module


Learn Screens

Sharing Online: #13433 – Developing an awareness of how to communicate safely online.


Checking Facts: #14197 – Chip thinks a website has the answer to a question wrong. How could this have happened?

Passwords: #14190 – Granny wants to use the password ‘123456’. Is that a good password to use?


Safe Surfing: #13620 – Answer questions about staying safe online.


Learn Screens

Searching Effectively: #13436 – Learn ways in which you can search for specific items more effectively.


The Web and the Internet: #20025 – Are the Internet and the World Wide Web the same thing?

Filters: #20296 – Chip used his phone to record a video of himself in a scooter competition and upload it onto a video sharing website. He can access it at home, so why won’t the site load at school?

Staying Safe Online: #20013 – Meg was chatting to her friend on IM when someone that she didn’t know started chatting to her. They asked Meg to send a photo of herself so they could see what she looked like. What should Meg do?


To Connect and Serve: #20071 – Analyse the multiple services offered by the Internet.

Consequences: #19725 – The consequences of inappropriate online behaviour.

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