Save and Open feature added to our Text Features, Word Search, and Paragraphing Topic Tools!

Our recently developed feature Open and Save has been added to the Literacy Text Features, Word Search and the brand new Paragraphing Topic Tools in all UK regions.

Open and Save will be a standard feature for all new Topic Tools and will be gradually rolled out to all existing tools, in all subjects (where applicable).

In addition, we have introduced a brand new Team Play option into the Word Search Topic Tool, so now you can set up an exercise and let your pupils compete in a race against the timer!


What is this?

Open and Save is a new feature that allows the data in Topic Tools to be saved. This brings many benefits including:

  • Prepare for lessons in advance
  • Add data to tools from the schemes your school uses regularly
  • Start using a Topic Tool in one lesson and continue in another
  • Copy pre-loaded content for use in alternate academic levels


How do I use it?

We have put together a handy user guide that you can access when you open a tool that includes the Open and Save feature.


If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team by email, or call 0844 225 3060.