Save Teaching Time by Using Wonde

Before we speak about how you can save time when you integrate EducationCity with Wonde though, let’s quickly touch on how you can connect with Wonde.

Save Teaching Time by Using Wonde

The Admin user in a school can connect with Wonde via the ‘User Data’ tab in Preferences on EducationCity. Connecting your MIS with EducationCity means you don’t have to upload any student data, which is ideal for saving you some valuable time, let alone being able to fully utilise all the features.

To read more about Wonde and connecting EducationCity with them, take a look at this webpage.

So How Can You Save Teaching Time by Connecting with Wonde?

  • Automatic updating of user details: which is really handy for the new school year in particular. All user data is updated based on what you update in your MIS – it’s perfect for saving precious minutes on those time-consuming admin tasks.
  • Makes logging in easier: so you can get started with your teaching quicker. Students can log in with QR codes or emojis, which is not only really fun but means that there are no separate login details for EducationCity to remember.
  • Lesson plan with MyCity: and allocate work to certain students. Not only this, but by having automatic user data uploaded to EducationCity, you can set up Groups really quickly and then set work in a MyCity for these Groups, which is absolutely perfect for differentiated learning.
  • Track progress with SuccessTracker: and view all your students’ Activity and Test scores. When you have users uploaded to EducationCity, you can see all their scores which is handy for addressing any weaknesses or misconceptions.

We’re proud of our partnership with Wonde. In fact, we’ve been speaking to Jon Coleman, co-founder of Wonde, about our partnership who said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with EducationCity to help their schools get the most from their resources. Integration from Wonde provides a secure link between your school MIS and EducationCity, which not only saves staff hours of time but makes it easy to utilise all the platform’s great features. This allows schools to concentrate on the most important thing – teaching!”

If you need any support with connecting with Wonde, just call EducationCity on 01572 725080 and we’ll help you out.

Please note that by integrating with Wonde, you will receive lots of benefits and save time, but your current students will be deleted and any existing scores, Revision Journals and MyCities will be removed.